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7/3/2007 - Council Approves Energy Center Option

Council Approves Energy Center Option

The Sedalia City Council approved an option agreement with Aquila, Inc. for the sale of a 162 acre track of land at its July 2, 2007 meeting.  The proposed Energy Center will be used by Aquila to produce electricity during peak periods of electric demand. 

The facility will be powered by natural gas and, at peak operation, will produce enough electricity to service 40,000 homes.  The Sedalia site, chosen over several neighboring communities, is ideal based on its proximity to a population center, electricity distribution infrastructure and nature gas capacity. 

The site, north of Main Street in Sedalia, is located between the former city landfill and one of Sedalia's wastewater treatment plants.  The site is zoned for industrial use and will be screened by the mature tree line already on the property. 

If Aquila moves forward with development of the site, the City will sell the site to Aquila for $2.6 million.  Additionally, Aquila would make PILOT payments of $200,000 per year for 25 years (total of $5 million).  The Energy Center would require 150 construction workers and would employ 5 permanent workers to operate the site. 


Aquila's Sedalia Energy Center Web Site


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