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Drivers who routinely park on streets designated as Emergency Snow Routes will need to move their vehicles to other locations as snow is expected to accumulate during nighttime hours. City crews will be working overnight Friday to ensure Emergency Snow Routes remain open. Cars remaining parked on emergency snow routes may be towed or plowed in as crews work to keep these roadways open for emergency vehicles.

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8/21/2007 - Press Release : City Receives Committee Report

Contact: Keith J. Riesberg, City Administrator
Phone: (660) 827-3000
11 A.M. CDT, August 21, 2007


City receives recommendations from Policy Review Committee

(SEDALIA, MISSOURI) : The City of Sedalia today received the results of the citizen’s Policy Review Committee.  The Committee was established to review and understand the Sedalia Police Department’s Use of Force policy.  Committee members met twice with representatives of the US Department of Justice as they reviewed and made recommendations on the Use of Force policy.

Among the recommendations made, the Committee recommended that the Department’s Use of Force Policy be reviewed annually by the Police Chief and that the policy indicate the date reviewed and date revised.  Additionally, the Committee recommended clarifying the Department’s Media Policy in regards to use of force incidents, clarifying the Chief’s ability to request an independent investigation of a use of force incident and correcting the wording in the handcuffs protocol to clarify the method an officer should use in handcuffing a person.

The recommendations will be reviewed by the Police Chief.


-Report Below-

Use of Force Policy Review Committee
Final Report and Recommendations

August 21, 2007

Summary: A citizen’s Policy Review Committee was formed following a Use of Force incident in Sedalia to review and understand the Sedalia Police Department’s Use of Force policy.  The Committee, guided by representatives of the US Department of Justice, met on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 and again on Wednesday, August 8, 2007 to review the policy and draft recommendations as deemed appropriate.

The recommendations from the Committee are as follows:

Policy Review
• Add to the Use of Force policy: “The Chief of Police will conduct an annual review of use of force policy showing date last reviewed and date last revised.  Every four years, the Mayor will appoint an ethnically diverse citizens group to discuss the current use of force policy with the police administration.”

Media Policy
• Change to General Order P10.05.01 (III)(B)(5) to add the following sentence (shown in bold text): “A copy of the final investigation made by the Sedalia Police Department involving the discharge of a firearm shall be made available to the officer or officers involved and will be furnished upon a written request within a reasonable time.  The Department shall release the results of the investigation of any use of deadly force that resulted in a loss of life in accordance with the State of Missouri’s Sunshine law in effect at the time of the incident.  Other separate investigations made by another entity of the City of Sedalia are not within the scope of this general order.”

Preserving Investigative Integrity
• Change to General Order P10.05.01 (III)(A)(8) to add the following (shown in bold text): “If the Chief of Police determines that the incident needs further investigation, he shall designate at least two officers of the department to investigate the incident more thoroughly and forward a written report to his office as soon as possible or may refer the investigation to another law enforcement agency.”

Handcuffs Protocol
• Correct the grammar in the policy regarding the use of handcuffs to clarify that the officer, not the person being handcuffed, will utilize the double locking mechanism to prevent injury to the arrested party or to the police officer (corrected text shown in bold). “In general, all persons arrested by the Sedalia Police Department will be handcuffed with their hands behind their back. Special circumstances may exist that dictate the use of other means of restraint and the officer must use his best discretion in these situations. Officers of this agency will utilize the double locking mechanism on the handcuff to prevent injury to the arrested party or to the officer.”


-City of Sedalia-